Please note: this list is incomplete. Polish language and further English language responses are coming soon!

Describe a dream that you remember

I remember pinching the edges of a woman’s face because she was sitting in my chair. She ignored me and laughed. It was a dinner party and we were all dressed as birds.

A Busby Berkeley production number where I am standing on a toilet and there is a group of statuesque chorus girls circling the pot, flushing the toilet in syncopation with the music–an odd mix of John Williams, Richard Rogers and Danny Elfman. I remember seeing this all reflected on a mirror that hung overhead, like in the BB movies, aware that this is a dream and all the while trying to decipher what it means. It wasn’t a long dream, just a brief image that became something else that I don’t recall…..

I was trying to get out of the city, fleeing some futuristic monsters or something. Government rescue vehicles landed in front of me, but to my chagrin they froze me in a block of ice.

“when you write me, you are my life in a sentence”
(this sentence was my dream)

I’ve been having a recurring dream for the last two months that wakes me up because I believe the kids are in the bed with us and one keeps climbing down to go get a glass of milk or play and I am afraid he’ll wake his sister.

When I was small, I had a dream that my grandma was staring into a big empty swimming pool crying “oh my Amy darling.” I had apparently drowned in that pool.

Many times in my life I have had the classic “late for finals” dream or “show up for final exam naked” or “show up for final exams realizing I forgot to go to class all semester.”

I have forgotten to take a class in history which is required to graduate from high school. I spend all day avoiding my history teacher, thinking that if he doesn’t see me, maybe he will forget I didn’t take his class.

Swinging from the rafters of the gymnasium where my school used to hold convocation assemblies. I would mentally telescope down at individuals, the telescope back to swing effortlessly around.

Last night I dreamed that I was on a date (with some kinda short and creepy guy) and we went to an outdoor concert/picnic type of thing. I saw some old friends as we walked in and stopped to talk to them, and my date didn’t realize I had stopped so we inadvertently got separated. A few minutes later when I started looking for him, I was told he left because he thought I left. I subsequently called him from my cell and told him he was a loser and an ass for leaving, that it was dark and scary out there and that was so not nice or responsible of him to just take off without actually confirming my whereabouts. It was satisfying telling him the truth, like I didn’t have to pretend to like or respect him.

I’ve been having allot lately, but they’ve been kinda scary violent and fucked up so i chose not to remember any. I recently bought a dream catcher so things hopefully will get better. If i have any worth remembering before Thursday, I’ll let you know. sorry.

I was at a theater and tom waits was playing the piano while some movement was going on at the other end of the stage. After the show he went into a private dining area and I couldn’t get in. so I was walking up a flight of stairs and suddenly there he was, kinda sweaty from the show still and a little drunk. he smiled and I smiled and I gave him this long hug and I cried and I thanked him for all the inspiration he has given me over the years and he was so gracious and sweet and I took a picture of us on my phone. This was two night ago.

the dream started…i can’t remember, but then seeing him there with his burnt sienna brown cap on, calling me on the phone, “i’ve had some drinks, yeah, we’re friends, close like brother and sister, but we’re trying she might not want me calling you.” i can see a picture of her, her eyes are closed and she’s smiling close to the camera, colours are dark greys and soft teal blues her name starting with the letter, U. then i am back working at the linden tree farm but it’s on a big ship, moving the horses around, feeding medo the dog, all these rules, it is night time and raining, then blank spots, some boy comes to talk to me so serious about loving me, everyone knows, i am embarrassed, swimming underwater, an old friend with blond curly hair is there i think trying to encourage me, then he is waiting for an answer patiently, starts singing some soft song, then i see him, the other him, through the window of the metro coming in with his brown cap. i am sad. i move to montenegro?
i wake up seeing snow, then i realize it’s the sea water bright white from the sun, i am trying to take pictures of it with my holga. then i am close to dying? that boy comes and helps me, is walking around with his hands in his pockets, he is sad because i had said, no, im sorry, i can’t let you love me, but i had almost said yes, then i am with my family in a mini-van. i have a small hole in my left cheek.

I dreamt that I was a journalist, covering the headline of the first man to ever carry and give birth. He was carrying twins! When I woke up after a freaky number of objects appearing in the dream (a tent, stereo system flying, a retainer and a digital display) it was my 15th birthday. Even now at 31 it’s the strongest dream I’ve ever had!

I was at Sunday school at my old old church with friends from uni, and the main thing I remember was a baby crawling onto the floor from its mothers lap, I bent down to pick it up and it turned into a rabbit; I
shook it and it became a frog, then I lifted it back to its mother and it was a baby again.

A very rich man had fallen in love with a very rich woman, and vice-versa, but neither knew how to go about anything involving their love. The man, however, had a butler. The butler care very much about the man’s interests, even if (especially if?) the man did not. So one day, the man was doing something silly and unimportant instead of working towards his love. So the butler went into the house, walked back outside with a shotgun, and in a very calm, rational manner, shot what the man was working on. He then gave the man advice, and everyone lived happily ever after!

I was flying a jet airplane. I felt something go through my chest and the panel in front of me burst with sparks. I looked up and saw someone clinging to the outside of the jet with a gun and a hole in the clear top of the jet. Suddenly he was inside and we were struggling. He threw me out of the jet and I fell and fell. I landed in a swimming pool and my body stayed on the surface of the water, but I sank to the bottom and was looking up at it. The whole thing was more fascinating that frightening.

Dream of riding through a suburban landscape on a bike
And noticing here and there, on this beautiful day
Stray lions resting beside the road
They must have escaped from a zoo or a circus
Nobody seems to notice; life goes on
I decide when I get home to call the police and then
A very large but exceedingly old tiger tries to get me
But I moving way too fast and he is way too old

Flea combing a kitten that then turned into a bowl of lettuce leaves.
I have strange dreams sometimes.

I was sitting on a toilet in the corner of a large white room. A door opened and people began to enter – an audience. I couldn’t stop myself and had to defecate as they entered buzzing with opening night expectation. The odor from my business began to spread through the room and though the audience was disturbed they didn’t leave.

I had a recurring dream when I was young, and the only consistent part of it was that all my dreams began right at that moment that I fell asleep and my bed would lift off the ground and fly out my window into the sky as the gateway to my dream world.

I dream very frequently that I am able to breathe underwater, swimming through oceans and caves and coral with the same liberty that birds fly through the air. But there is, on occasion, a dark parody of this dream, in which a family member gets into a car and, either by accident or intention, drives off a precipice into a lake. I dive after them. I swim hard to catch them. I break the windows, I tear the doors from the hinges, I wrench my loved one from their seat and reach madly for the moonlight before they suffocate. And when I surface, I drag them to the shore and wrap a blanket around them, and I beg them, over and over again, to be okay.

a dream that i need to go the bathroom and that dream wakes me up and have to go.

Chris Farley hosting a game show about food and a hamburger was lowered from the ceiling. (I know you don’t like burgers Rach but it’s the only one I can remember at this time.

I am driving very quickly through the mountains at night. I can see the sky perfectly: bright stars, no moon. Then a rocket flies across the sky above the mountain. I speed up. I know I cannot let it land. I chase after it, but am too late. It lands and completely destroys a town that is very well known to me. I imagine the streets and the people and things that have happened to me in that town before I see the gigantic blast on the horizon.

The whole world is in flames – it’s Armageddon – and I start to fly, fly far away from this world of destruction.

I dreamed I watched my father stab two innocent people right in front of me and then say in a nonchalant manner: “Well, now you know.”

me and my boyfriend cooking dinner

I was in Prague, walking down by Karlův Most when suddenly a giant silver disc-shaped vessel appeared in the sky and crashed somewhere in the city. And then I couldn’t understand what anybody was saying anymore.

Teeth falling out. I didn’t get panicky but definitely had a major feeling of loss.

After failing to meet my girlfriend at a bar after work, I was dumped. A package was left for me behind the bar, it contained a small box with a ring in it. Upon inspecting the picture of a cavalier hung above the table at the restaurant I was sat, I noticed that the cavalier was wearing the ring. Then in my dream, I was the cavalier escaping from roundheads who were invading the palace. I gave the ring to a small boy with a note. Then I was a pirate who had stolen the ring and was being chased by an older man who was clearly a grown up version of the boy from earlier. Then my girlfriend slapped me across the face and demanded to know why I was late. I was wearing the ring and the picture was of the pirate being hung. True dream! (This dream was epic and much longer than this, I wrote it down and everything.)

I dreamt once that I had died and decided to go to my own funeral. Hundreds of my friends and family had gathered at the bluffs near where I grew up and I walked through the kneeling crowds, not feeling sad, but light and free. Some people saw me as I walked by and I asked, “Can you see me?” and they’d say, “Yes. Why?” To which I would respond, “Oh, I’m dead, most people can’t see me” and they would go back to what they were doing, seemingly unconcerned. One of my friends asked me what it was like being dead, and I told her that there wasn’t a god. But then I thought about it more and said that maybe there wasn’t a god in my afterlife because I never believed in him in life – maybe the afterlife was exactly how you had imagined it when you were alive. And then suddenly I realised I probably wasn’t supposed to be telling her all of this, because the living weren’t supposed to know.

I had a dream that I was in a room of people all frantically needing something and I was frantically looking for whatever it was only I had no idea what is was I was supposed to find. It reached a frenzied pitch, then I woke up. Sweating.

Lightning struck all around me while I was standing on an empty field. I tried to dodge each one of them, until one hit right next to me. My whole body began shaking frantically and heat entered every single vein. I felt relieved. However, there was no thunder following the lightning and I sank into a deep sleep.

The giant blueberry jelly murdered the toilet paper while the pink pumpkin was making a strip-tease.
That was awesome.
Especially the naked grey woman.

Running away from something or somebody and my feet are sticking to the ground. I am running but can’t get away and wake up before getting caught!

The most vivid dream I ever had, I dreamed when I was 5 years old. I was sitting in a circle of chairs with some of my friends from preschool, and there was a huge red lobster in the middle of the circle. It walked over to me and clamped its huge red claw down on my little bare foot and wouldn’t let go! I couldn’t run, and nobody would help me.

I am cradled in the arms of an enormous stone statue of a motherly woman. She tells me everything will be alright.

Being able to fly by swimming and kicking as through water.


we were making money. the bottom line was real. then you loved me and held me after a long day.

Most recently, I beat up one of my bridesmaids that I no longer talk to and after I beat her up, I prayed for her.

my most recent dream i remember–had three kids i worked with all in it. there was someone looking for them. sending me texts under a random alias. we were in a huge innovative theatre-like space–levels, and lights, and green rooms, and loft like nests that you could perch in and see other happenings in the building. the texts perisisted as i wandered the huge space looking for these kids. until i got a text that sais ‘i see them, i see you–i’m following one.’ i ran. jumping off short ledges and climbing up ladders until i was wandering through a very serious modern dance piece where half the dancers were moving with these huge flower petals (body-sized), and the other half were moving with enormous masked faces. then i awoke.

Standing at a counter kneading bread dough. The dough begins to expand till I am enveloped in its yeasty wetness.

I was on a space station that was captured by alien robots. They made all the prisoners perform an act for their freedom. I did a stand-up comedy routine that I thought was terrible, but the aliens liked it. There was also a woman who was 1/4 the size of a normal woman, who played the drums using drumsticks strapped to her arms.
I don’t often remember my dreams. When I do, I’m often not in them.

I am in a house and with friends (it changes every time) and there is a spirit/ghost who is a child (a young girl) that only I can see/sense. Sometimes she enters through into my body and becomes me, but I am not scared. I keep saying “Hear that? See that? That’s her!” but only I can see her. It is a recurring dream.

I was falling down. From a very high mountain (maybe a cliff). And my dog was falling down with me. We were afraid. And then not anymore, because this was taking so long. We never rich the bottom, the ground…. When I woke up, I was with half of my body on the bed, and my head on the floor, almost upside down.

I remember one dream where I was carying a small white pig on my hand all the time.

I’m on the seaside – a huge wave is coming and will destroy everything around – Everybody is trying to escape – I’m looking for a place to hide – I’m looking for a place to hide – I’m looking around, everywhere, for a place where I could hide out and be protected – So many time I had this dream. I never got to the final moment when the wave arrives. I never could verify if the place I found was safety enough.

I remember a dream I had many years ago (when I was a child). I was in a forest and I found a little hut. I went into this hut. Inside there was a room full of fabulous things (they were like toys or souvenirs, however I do not remember details). I also remember that a sweet and very nice scent was associated with this room. I never remember all details from my dreams. However, the most important thing was a particular feeling or a sense of happiness. I felt blissfully happy in this dream. Then I tried to explain this sense of happiness many times and I couldn’t.
The whole dream was like a fairy tale.

Years ago I dreamed that Mars was so close that I could see it as a globe in the sky.

Few years I had a really strange dream. I had kind of pockets in my feet, where I could keep mice. Whenever I was afraid of something or angry, I kept on opening my pockets to let mice out.

Huge house, so many rooms and corridors. Moving. A labyrinth sometimes scoring, sometimes comfortable. The problems were the person that I don’t remember who they were, but they were dangerous for sure. A lift. And darkness. And water on the floor.

I was engulfed by a slug. It’s slimy-ness ate me, completely squeezed me inside itself completely and shat me out covered in slime. It took a long time and I was always standing or sort of floating upright. The slug started at my head and worked it’s way down. To this day it is the most disgusting, Bibhatsa dream I remember.

falling in a deep hole that had banana peels around its circumference and never hitting ground.

me falling from the 4th floor on a staircase-less building but never hitting the ground

i was 12 or 13. all of my extended family was over for a barbeque. 50 people or more. (even people i didn’t recognize.) there was a man who came to the door. he told my parents he was there to fix the dryer. my parents had me show him in, and they went back to the bbq. i spied on this stranger in my home. me peeking around the corner. and i noticed that he was installing a bomb. i ran out to my parents, “mom! dad! he is a bad guy! he’s not helping us! he has a bomb, MOM! DAD!” but they wouldn’t listen to me, and i ran to all of my aunts and uncles, and to the people i didnt know, but they all just shrugged those shoulders and laughed at me. because i was only a little gurl. so i went back and peeked longer, and i was so scared.. i ran franticly through the people again, urging them to get out of the house or call the police, or to cry with me.
in the end of my dream i took off down the street, in my cut off jean shorts. running and crying. and i only heard the boom. i didn’t look back.
that was a nightmare.. not really a dream.

I have a recurring dream about a house. Sometimes it is a house that is familiar to me where I have lived in the past, sometimes it is supposed to represent a house I know but bears no actual resemblance to it (although I don’t notice this until I wake up). Sometimes it seems very familiar to me (even after I wake) although it is not a house known to me in real life. Perhaps it is familiar from previous dreams. I can still envisage some of these houses which I may have dreamed about months or years ago. The crucial factor in the dream is that the house always turns out to be bigger than I thought. I discover that a door or stairs I had not noticed or thought to use before leads to another room or another floor or a whole other dimension. Sometimes there are lots of bedrooms, perhaps with several beds crammed into each, sometimes there is a second kitchen adjoining the first, sometimes there is a huge living area (or several), sometimes there are several bathrooms. As I am describing this to you now, it is so vivid in my mind that I can hardly believe it’s only a dream and not a reality. Sometimes it opens out into a vast space resembling a furniture showroom in a store. My reaction to the additional space is always mixed; on the one hand I am delighted because I really feel it is something I have longed for but I also have a certain amount of discomfort about it. I may be uncertain about how I am going to make optimum use of two kitchens, what utensils I should keep in which and what tasks I should allocate to/meals should be cooked/eaten in each. I am worried about not making good enough use of both of them, not justifying their ownership. Sometimes I wonder if I should choose one to use as a kitchen and convert the other into something else. Sometimes I am uncomfortable about having more space for the price than I am entitled to and feel as if I have cheated someone else to get it or am afraid I am going to have to pay more than I realised. Sometimes I am wondering how I am going to afford to furnish it all. Often the discomfort is to do with concerns about being able to keep control of the space and establish my ownership of it. For example, it may involve going through a door to get to this separate part of the house which I’m afraid may not always be accessible to me. Sometimes it involves crossing a public area like a hotel foyer to get from one part of the house to another or the extra bedrooms are up some stairs and along corridors and I’m afraid I or my family or my guests may not be able to find or get to them again. Sometimes there is a security issue and I don’t know how to keep others out of my property or make them aware that it’s mine, perhaps there is no door at one end or it joins directly onto a communal area or another property in some way, perhaps I am not even sure myself which parts are mine and which are not. There is one more vital element to the dream and that is that in one or more area I find things that don’t belong to me, that seem to have been left behind by a previous owner; perhaps bedding and/or clothes in the bedrooms, perhaps old toys or books and general clutter, sometimes even valuable antiques. I am troubled by this and worried about what to do with them. Will the people come back for them or is it my responsibility to get rid of them? Is it OK to use some of them if I want to – eg bedding? Sometimes this is a possibility but sometimes it is dirty or I just don’t like any of it and want to be rid of it all. Should I just throw everything away and if so, how? where? Or should I try to sell things (especially the antiques)? This will be time consuming. It is holding me back from making proper use of the much longed for space I now have. I think that’s about it!

I am in a strange house. There are stairs up to a dark attic, and I travel from there directly to the basement on a wooden ladder in a wide hollow space between walls. In the basement there is a loud, bright furnace. It is in a separate room walled with lath but no plaster, so that light comes through the spaces. I go back up through the attic and down and find my family.

someone was pushing my ribs together with both hands, one hand on the front and one on my back. just when they started to crack, i yelled his name. i almost yelled his nickname but even in the intensity of the moment, i purposefully changed my mind and yelled his real name.

I’m on the seaside – there is a huge huge huge wave coming. Everybody is escaping – I’m looking for a place where I could hide and be safe. The dream never came to the point when the wave destroys everything. So I never saw if I could survive….

Sometimes I see people I’ve met before in my dreams. Usually when I haven’t seen them for a while. It’s nice.

I was flying over the fields, without being afraid of anything. Time did not exist. I felt really free then…

i dream about love.

I die. I’m flying around with a guide (I am uncertain who this is)and I have to watch all of the people I love the most receive the news that I am dead. One of these people is my mother. I am surprised and touched by the reactions. Reality: I wake up in Holstebro, Denmark at 3am. I am terrified and convinced that I have to change my life. I’m in the middle of a heart wrenching breakup. It takes me 4 months ot realize what is happening to me.

I played hide-and-seek a lot as a child. I once had a dream that instead of hiding from my cousins, I was hiding from a large, dark figure. We were all hiding. He ran around the house in circles, trying to break in, while we all hid beneath and behind anything we could find. I hid beneath a window, thinking he wouldn’t be able to see me there since I was small and it always worked in the movies. The figure broke through the window, grabbed me by my collar, and dropped me in the dirt. We were face-to-face. His dark, empty eyes struck such fear in me that to this day, over ten years later, I still remember it.

Dream (while in grad school): teeing off with a putter at a miniature golf course and having (for an unspecified reason) to sink a hole-in-one on an imperceptible “green” a mile away.

A Dream Fragment (this is from a much longer dream): It is quite a journey to get to this place. When she arrives, she sees in front of her not what she expected, but a flat horizon, endless, flat, tinged with vivid pink, the sky is vivid (blue) above the pink and beneath the line of pink lies the water, the flat still ocean. Then she shifts her vision and sees two white horses, fighting, up on their hind legs and clasping each other, as if hugging. They stand on the horizon like that, still as statues. She shifts her gaze again and sees an image of a very plain green building, a house or a garage or a shed, it isn’t clear. It is a vivid green building, sitting on the horizon, nothing else. She is so moved by this. She is not weeping, but her heart is full. Three images like a slide show: a flat pink horizon; white horses fighting; a green house. She moves her vision again to the right and sees signs she is coming back into the “world.” First she sees a white horse and a black horse, which indicate dualities…. (it goes on quite a bit from there).

I dream about you often.

loosing my teeth all at once

You were in it. And so were you. Everyone was there. We were in a big house. Diane (my friend who died in 2006) was trying to install a phone line. The house was big, empty of furniture, beautiful and old. I was there to help Diane. She knew what she was doing (she always did), and told me I had the wrong wires. It was an old rotary phone, with the old kind of cables. She wanted to be able to talk to everyone from…that old house (her afterlife?). I put a fan in one of the rooms for her. The house was empty.

I was sitting in my childhood bedroom, back to the wall, facing the window, lamp in hand. I was waiting for someone to break in, uncertain of how I knew he would be coming. Suddenly, a silhouette at the window, and then total black. I wake up in a pile of glass shards, the room a mess. I rub my neck, feel something carved. His initials. Looking around, I realize that he has killed me, and there is no heaven or hell, just this. Understanding that I have nothing better to do, I get up, brush myself off, and begin walking to school. On the way there, I am picked up by some friends. They do not know that I am…well, whatever I am, but not alive. The radio is playing the local news, but I hear nothing about my murder. My heart is racing as I listen, waiting. And that’s when it dawns on me: My heart should not be racing if I am dead. And, if I am dead, something should have been released about my death–murders don’t happen often in small towns such as these. I am alive. And he thinks that I am not. When he fails to hear any news of what’s happened to me, he will come after me again. Fast forward to the evening. I am alone at my dad’s house. I turn off all the lights. I am fumbling around in the dark, looking for my dad’s gun. I find the safe but do not know the combination. My shaking hands spin the dial haphazardly, hoping for some amount of luck. I hear the front door breaking down. I keep trying, but realize I am not going to succeed. I run out of the room, past the door where the man is just now getting through, and out the back door, through a narrow alley. My father’s barbeque is on, and he is grilling fish. The corner of my hip hits the appliance, and the fish slaps against the front of my shirt. I toss it off and keep running. I begin to run past a neighbor’s driveway, garage open, car parked. I turn into it and slide under the car, waiting for the man to pass. He is walking patiently as I wait. Halfway across the driveway, he stops momentarily. Then, he turns on his heel, looking directly at me. He can smell the fish. He walks toward me hastily, with purpose. His feet are the last thing I see before I wake up.


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